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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Mum and Dads 50th Wedding Anniversary 5th Apr 2008

On Saturday night it was Mum and Dads 50th Wedding Anniversary 5 Apr 2008, to Beryl and Ray (Mum and Dad) congratulations on a great milestone. It was great to see all the people helped celebrate a fantastic night enjoyed by all. A big thank-you to my brother Hayden and Melissa for organising the night, and a special thank to my sister Megan and their family Mark, and Dalton for traveling down all the way from the Gold Coast.
From me, to the people who attended the night and you who you are thank you for making it a very special night for Mum and Dad.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Day in the Garden

On Easter Monday we decided to update the front garden. As the lawn wouldn't grow it was decided that it needed bit of colour. Andrea and Rebecca clipped all the grass of the front lawn on Good Friday and on Monday all the supplies were ordered by lunchtime. From 1:30 pm the front yard Bliss started.

The Front Garden was finished by 6:00m that night and I think it looks awesome......a job well done by all.

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Australian Grand Prix

On Sunday 16 Mar 08, Gary and I went to the Australian Grand Prix and KISS concert what an awesome day it was. The day started out about 8:30 in the morning. We took the train in Flinders Street and then the tram up St Kilda Road to Albert Park Lake. Our seats we located in the Senna Stand which was on the last bend before the main straight for the Start Finish line. We watch the celebrity race, the V8 supercars, and the mighty F1 cars. We meet up with Matt and Marc L at the V8 Supercars Compound.

As you can see by the above picture Gary made a bit of an impact on the Pit Girls. It was a very hot day almost 40c and lucky for us we had packed plenty of water. When the race had finished we went to stage area.

The KISS concert started about 7:30pm and we were about 15 rows back from the stage and in the centre. The sound and lighting display was fantastic and the fireworks going off during and at end of the songs were awesome. The Band play all the old classics; such as; Love Gun, God of Thunder, and Roll all Night just to name a few.

The concert finished about 10:30 and got home just before midnight.

What a great day........

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Hi Finally got my off my backside...................

The year is flying past so quick and I have so much to tell you from Drew's Desk. First of all was the Mill Park Secondary Collage Art Festival which Rebecca had many displays.

He is a picture of Becca with her oil landscape which now takes pride of place in the lounge room at home.

Secondly is a picture which I call the Spanish Bull Fighter (Matador)

Rebecca had a few other designs such as a kettle, a plan of a restaurant and a poster for a Pop Concert, well done a great effort from a budding young artist. The sad thing is that she has dropped her art subject in year 12.

On the 23 Oct o6 the family attended a Presentation Night at the Plenty Ranges Arts and Convention Centre from the City of Whittlesea, for the Student Recognition Program. Mill Park Secondary College nominated one student from the College Campus for the Award.

This is Tiffany receiving her achievement certificate and a cheque for $150.00 from Mayor Fry. Well done.

On the 12 Nov 06 Tiffany turned sweet sixteen, now my baby is now all grown up.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Other Birds in my Life

One of my hobbies is breeding Indian Ringnecks, Cockatiels, Quail and few other birds such as Budiges to name a few. I originally started my interest in breeding birds in about 1974 when I was living in Banyule Road, Viewbank.

I brought my first budgie from a guy who lived in the neighbourhood and few of you may know who he is, his name was Gary Davies....... which started a life long friendship but that's another story. The bird was a white Fellow budgie. I was introduced to Gary by a neighbour of his; again you may know him: David Durie, a mate that I went to school with.

The breeding of Budiges started a great competition between Gary, David and myself. Gary had alot of influecence from his grandfather who was a very experienced breeder.

Before long we joined a bird club which was the United Budgerigar & Cage Bird Society, which used to meet every Tusday night at an Ivanhoe Church. We learnt some of the finer things of breeding birds, and before long we found ourselves showing birds in the Novice selection. This hobby continued for about five years when cars, girls, and bowling on a Friday night at Northcote changed our priorities on life.

My Interest in birds again started in 1997, when I was living in Darwin.
I bought a standard Grey Cockatiel from a Pet Shop. The Family named it Priscilla because when Cockatiels are young they all have female plumage and are very hard to distinguish between male & female. Priscilla turn out to be male, and the name stuck. He still lives in my large avairy to this day. He has produced a number of offspring.

This is Priscilla on the left on a Breeding Box.
I currently have 45 Cockatiels and 7 Indian Ringnecks in my two avairies and enjoy breeding and selling and buying birds. So if any of you are interested in Breeding or having birds as a pet please let me know.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Blue Girls

Here are my two Darling Daugthers with The Carlton Football Club Coach Mr Dennis Pagan. Although The Blues are currently having a few ups and downs lately, maybe a few downs more than they can stand, Rebecca (left) and Tiffany (Right) have never stop barracking and cheering every week, and even if it meant picking Carlton in their Footy Tips, they have been True Blue to the end. Keep it up girls your luck will change maybe in 2007. Go them Blues................. maybe Dad has a bit to do with it.

My New Car

It's a BA 2005 XR6 Falcon my pride and joy.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Drinks Please